This will be updated frequently to display the quote # and quotes available to call within Twitch chat!

  • Only mods can add quotes
  • Syntax is !quote add “text goes here”
  • Syntax to call random quote is !quote
  • Syntax to call specific quote is !quote (id), example !quote 1


ID Quote
0 “oh cute, a little bunny! *shoots bunny with arrow* aww, how sad!” [Horizon Zero Dawn] [10/07/2017]
1 “OMG I can ride you!” [Tearaway Unfolded] [24/07/2017]
2 “No blood and guts here, just my insides” [Diner Dash: Hometown Hero] [04/08/2017]
3 “Ding ding mother f****r” [Diner Dash: Hometown Hero] [04/08/2017]
4 “People did not appreciate my love ferns” [Diner Dash: Hometown Hero] [04/08/2017]
5 “Who’s waiting tables now, BATCH!” [Diner Dash: Hometown Hero] [04/08/2017]
6 “Child needs da hunger” [Diner Dash: Hometown Hero] [04/08/2017]
7 “Talk to the people, make them love you” [Diner Dash: Hometown Hero] [04/08/2017]
8 “Ohhh sssppciscuts” [Pyre] [07/08/2017]
9 “Move out of the way you stupid stupid head” [Pyre] [07/08/2017]
10 “*Devious tone* No one will hear your screams *laughs*” [Call of Duty: Ghosts] [10/08/2017]
11 “Ohh right in the butt!” [Call of Duty: Ghosts] [10/08/2017]
12 “That’s my only egg!!!!” [Retro] [14/08/2017]
13 “Our equivalent of In-n-Out is Dick’s”…. [IRL] [14/08/2017]
14 “Hey bird, you’re a jerk!” [Broken Age] [17/08/2017]
15 “Mmmm burpy.” [Broken Age] [17/08/2017]
16 “Try to roll them but the roller was dry” [Splatoon 2] [26/08/2017]
17 “Definitely watered the floor.” [Uncharted: The Lost Legacy] [28/08/2017]
18 “His poop is dead.” [The Order: 1886] [04/09/2017]
19 “Say hello to my friend!” [The Order: 1886] [05/09/2017]
20 “Everybody in the tunnel…we’re gonna do it!” [Destiny 2] [07/09/2017]
21 “Hello? Is there anyone there? I’ve come to kill everything.” [Destiny 2] [07/09/2017]
22 “Show me your Cabals!” [Destiny 2] [07/09/2017]
23 “SimCaesar, what’s going on? What if we just got in the hot tub?” [Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare] [14/09/2017]
24 “Why did they start screaming? I was just creeping around with a gun” [Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare] [14/09/2017]
25 “What did I say? No touching!!!” [Luigi’s Mansion] [07/10/2017]
26 “I hate you Fish!” [Stardew Valley] [13/10/2017]
27 “Can we hit the thing to make it go ding?” [Costume Quest] [19/10/2017]
28 “Every good restaurant needs some cat litter.” [South Park: The Fractured But Whole] [23/10/2017]
29 “If you suffer from spilling your enemy’s blood on your pants or just that first cup of coffee, boy do we have pants for you!” [Dungeon Siege III] [30/11/2017]
30 “Oh, I shot your kneecaps off.” [Assassin’s Creed Syndicate] [05/01/2018]
31 Hold me closer tiny weirdo! [Life Is Strange: Before the Storm] [06/01/2018]
32 Why do we have to take off all of our clothes to gather herbs? [FINAL FANTASY XIV Online] [12/01/2018]
33 Clear the streets everyone! Run to your homes! I am driving! [Assassin’s Creed Syndicate] [21/01/2018]