Beginning a vinyl collection

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I made the decision to begin collecting vinyl because of the longevity of the vinyl format, and the fact that I have thousands of artists I can access in seconds via the internet or an app on my phone.

I have a decent CD collection, but I don’t listen to CDs anymore. I have a car that can play music via bluetooth, or a few good radio stations in my area I can listen to. I don’t listen to CDs at home anymore because my computer no longer has a disc drive in it and the only CD player in the house is in a different room from where I would be listening to it.

That leaves me vinyl or streaming services. I like the idea of vinyl because it’s very similar to reading a book. You make the choice to part-take in physical media. The process of browsing your shelf for something to listen to, taking the vinyl out of the sleeve and examining the artwork or color of the vinyl. Putting the record on the player and having to turn it over to experience the whole album, and a more difficult time in skipping songs.

Vinyl makes me focus on the artist and work I am listening to. I like that. And I like the idea of how long vinyl lasts.

So, I’ve begun a collection! I’ve been spinning the new Kendrick Lamar album, as well as Megadeth’s “Dystopia”. Why is this album so good?

Please send good thoughts to my wallet each time I walk into a store that sells vinyl.



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